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Adapting to ICT based Applications during Covid-19 Pandemic Situation: For Awareness and Implementation of Government Schemes

This paper presents a need and effectiveness of integrated ICT framework in order to bridge the communication gap between Government and common people in the COVID-19 pandemic situation. A country where farmers still commit suicide, lack of quality education, unutilized demographic dividend and various menace of Indian society – tells a disappointing story that despite the presence of development schemes, India is far behind in creating a harmonious and prosperous society. The reasons can be attributed to mainly two factors; firstly, inefficiency of government in implementation and secondly, lack of awareness among people. Recently Government of Maharashtra along with MKCL has been launched „MahaLabharthi portal‟ and Government of Odisha along with MKCL are planning to launch „Loka Sevarthe portal‟. Keywords - COVID-19 pandemic, Integrated ICT framework, Inefficiency of government, Communication gap, MahaLabharthi, Loka Sevarthe.