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IOT based System for Solar Irrigation for Energy Conservation and Conservation of Water

Sun based energy being a best sustainable power source is being utilized in the field of water system. The frameworks which depend on the sun powered energy is a lot of useful concerning the Indian ranchers as sun based energy is financially savvy answer for the ranchers. The proposed framework comprises of the sunlight based siphons alongside the programmed water control framework which will be useful in maintainable utilization of water and better profitability of yields. The proposed framework is likewise savvy as it will diminish the expenditure of rancher and furthermore gives the office to store the energy in the batteries which is associated with the net decimal standard for measuring so ranchers can get the data in regards to the energy put away in the battery and this energy can be moved to the close by network at appropriate cost so ranchers pay can get increment. Keywords - Smart Irrigation System, Sustainable Use of Water, Energy Management, Solar Pump