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Secure Data Transfer based on Cloud

Abstract - Since a large part of the world's population has now inclined towards a vast network called the Internet, there is a large amount of data available which needs to be stored by the companies and it is difficult to store and handle such an immense amount of data. So, the best and efficient way to manage such data is to store it in the cloud. Cloud computing is a well-known and rapidly developing modern technology that allows all personal works, records, and software to be stored and used safely. Although they are on a server, they can be accessed from any public operating system or browser. It allows us to provide a decentralized access management system with anonymous data authentication. It provides the customer with distributed access to an encrypted cloud. One of the most prominent issues that prevent users from fully using cloud storage is security. Cloud computing has a lot of services, but there are also some security issues. To overcome such problems, encryption standards like the DES (Data Encryption Scheme), AES (Advanced Encryption Scheme), and the 3DES (Triple Data Encryption Scheme) are commonly used. But these encryption techniques can be broken through a Brute force attack. Keeping this in mind, we suggest an encryption strategy based on Honey Encryption in this article (HE). This new encryption technique prevents the data from a Brute-force attack by providing plausible but false data for every time an incorrect key is used, which tricks the attacker and prevents the data. Keywords - Cloud Computing, Encryption, Hacker, Key, Honey Encryption.