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A Smart Cloud-based OSN with Sentimental Analysis

Over the past decade, the term Sentimental analysis has gathered a lot of attention. Sentimental analysis is nothing but an automated process of extraction of positive and negative emotions from a text. The internet is growing with users who put their thoughts and opinions in the form of comments, reviews and articles. Therefore, it becomes tedious to understand and comprehend large volumes of data consisting of comments, articles etc. Currently: the, there are multiple approaches to tackle this using the methods of Image processing and machine learning. This research work focuses on using the “natural” framework which provides multiple tools for natural language processing. The proposed system will house an analytical engine that is running on Node.js. It will listen to the data changes in real-time and calculate the sentiment of the received data which can be used for the analysis of comments or posts on social media. The proposed system will provide efficient results whilst consuming minimal computational power. Keywords - Sentiment, Sentiment Analysis, Cloud Computing, IAAS