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Security for Smart Homes: Internet of Things (IOT) in Household Appliances and Devices

As the Internet of Things becomes more integrated with building systems and devices, the threat of cyberattacks rises. Most companies are willing to coagulate themselves with the IoT market. This paper indicates the methodology which is supportive to protect household IoT appliances. Most home-based IoT devices have an awful reputation regarding their security. IoT deployments apply traditional computational systems. There are some of the systems include embedded, mobile, and network. This composition design for the utilization of practice employed by security professionals. Security problems involving the Internet of Things (IoT) continue to cause severe operational issues with high-profile attacks. To overcome this, we propose to secure routers on different smart home devices of IoT based on security scenarios that can occur in a smart home. Also, to monitor traffic which entering and leaving the network at home and make real-time decisions. Keywords - Cyber Attacks, Household, IoT, Malicious, Security.