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Tri-Band Compact Microstrip Antenna with Multi Slots for GSM/UMTS/WIMAX Applications

Abstract—In this paper, we presented a design and optimization of one compact tri-band microstrip patch antenna for multiband applications. This antenna is proposed to be used for GSM, UMTS and WiMAX wireless communications applications at 1.8 GHz, 2.1 GHz and 3.5 GHz, respectively. The multiband functionality was yielded by using E-shaped slot and cylindrical slot within the square radiating patch. The proposed antenna is basically a square microstrip patch and a partial ground plane fed from (4, 0, 0) point. It has a simple structure with overall size of 44 mm44mm 1.6 mm3. After physical design, extensive simulations were accomplished using 3D full-wave FEM-based EM simulator. The performance of the antenna was analyzed in terms of gain, radiation pattern and s-parameters. The simulated radiation patterns at the desired resonant frequencies were shown nearly Omni-directional. Index Terms— compact misrostrip antenna, multi-band, slotted antenna, triple-band.