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A Compact Complementary Split-Ring Resonator Loaded Dual Band Offset MIMO Antenna for WLAN Applications

Abstract - MIMO design and operation of Multi-input Multiple output (range) patch antenna systems used in 2 * 2 ISM band. MIMO Antenna Split Ring Resonator (Deposit) and Complementary Split Ring Resonator (CSRR). Reduce the size of the antenna. Antenna miniaturization, CSRR for aircraft and is described. CSRR is the complementary structure of SRR. CSRR is used to improve the separation between MIMO antennas. Offset four-element multi-billion planar MIMO antennas with omnidirectional radiation models have been proposed for low cost FR-4 dielectric substrates for nonlinear vision (NLOS) communications and future technologies on 4G. The patch antenna system was created in 2.4 and 5.6 band operation. The recommended the overall size of the MIMO antenna is 63.39x75.18mm2.A 1 * 1 Antenna Size 37.59 * 31.69mm2. Applied and tested the antenna other results handled the simulations results very well. The measurement separation is S12 is12.5 dB and the maximum gain is 3.5 db. Keywords - Offsetting Technique, Long Term Evolution (LTE), MIMO Antenna, WLAN, Complementary Split-Ring Resonator (CSRR).