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Energetic Multicast Traffic Grooming In WDM Networks With Re-Configurable Light-Trees

We attend to the difficulty of designing and provisioning of WDM networks to sustain many-to-many traffic grooming. Our purpose is to diminish the generally network cost, which is dominated by the cost of elevated level electronic ports (i.e., transceivers) and the integer of wavelengths used. Based on dissimilar WDM node architectures, we use four different WDM networks for many-to-many traffic grooming. For each network, we evaluate the many-to-many traffic grooming problem and supply an most favorable as well as a heuristic resolution. A comprehensive appraisal among the four networks reveals to every of the networks is the most cost-effective choice for a certain range of traffic granularities. We address the traffic grooming difficulty in WDM mesh networks with dynamic multicast traffic. We expand a grooming algorithm in which light-trees can dynamically be re-conīŦgured when a new route is established. Keywords: WDM mesh, Grooming, Many-to-many, Re-configured.