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A Review of Various Theft Attacks on Smart Electric Metering Systems

Abstract - One of the main concerns of utility today is the amount of financial losses happening due to non-technical losses (NTLs). Energy theft is among the major contributors for NTL and can be called as an amount of electricity used by the consumer without paying for it. The energy loss causes many problems to the utility as they are unable to provide smooth power supply to consumers. The cyber-attacks on the advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) gives rise to uncertainty on amount of power to generate and consume, also doesn’t help in accurate prediction for energy demand. The energy theft detection ETD methods need to be improved and made efficient for higher detection rate for theft cases. The shortcomings in the existing attack detection are reviewed and solutions are proposed for various new threats. Most of the solutions are proposed based onspecific thefts that are regional or localized. This study reviews many benchmark techniques that are in use to avoid cyber and physical attacks on AMIs. This review proposes many solutions based on various frameworks for cyber and physical theft detection. The proposed model can effectively detect energy theft for new theft attacks and shows 96% of DR and as low as 4% FPR. Keywords - Smart Grid, Cyber-Attacks, Electrical Infrastructure, Smart Meters, Energy Theft