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Need of Big Data in Medical Industries for KOA

Abstract - In this paper we analyze that there is a special need for hospital data center in India and especially in Gujarat. ‘Big data’ is massive amounts of information that can work wonders. It has come to be a subject matter of different pastime for the previous two a long time because of an awesome doable that is hidden in it. Various public and non-public quarter industries generate, store, and analyses large facts with a goal to improve the services they provide. In the healthcare industry, more than a few sources for massive records consist of medical institution records, medical archives of patients, and effects of scientific examinations, and devices that are a part of web of things. This information requires ideal management and evaluation in order to derive meaningful information. Otherwise, in search of answer via analyzing huge information rapidly becomes same to finding a needle in the haystack. There are more than a few challenges associated with each step of coping with massive information which can solely be surpassed through using high-end computing solutions for big statistics analysis. This Review paper gives the comparative analysis for availability of KOA (knee osteoarthritis) data repositories. Keyword - Big Data Repository of Medical industries, EHR(Electronic Health Record) in India/Gujarat, KOA dataset.