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IoT-Enabled Public Oriented Waste Management Technique

Abstract - Today's cities around the world aspire to become smart cities, but one of the most important challenges facing cities today is waste management. And there are two factors that directly affect this challenge. This is the growth of urban areas and rapid population growth. Therefore, it is clear that investing in citizen participation in their interaction with future waste management systems will save a lot of money and effort. Citizens should be encouraged to interact with modern systems and use them in their daily lives, especially in developing countries. The growth of Internet of Things technologies has increased the need and importance of designing and implementing waste management systems that engage and involve citizens in the waste management process. The aim of this paper is to present a compelling waste management design that uses IoT devices, RFID tags, weight sensors, and ultrasonic sensors to measure waste management processes and citizen interactions. Keywords - RFID, IOT, Smart City, Sensor