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Integration of Block Chain Technology into Machine Learning Systems for Improved Security and Privacy

Abstract - AI and block chain are two of the most well-known technology and will frequently use in our daily lives, at work, in business, and in many other contexts. To determine the hopeful future of their integration, we are attempting to combine both of them. AI provides machines with intellect and decision-making abilities comparable to humans. The limitless potential of machine learning has been demonstrated in numerous publications and applications. However, when we immerse into the powerful machine learning-based systems or applications, two critical research issues arise, that are: how to ensure that the search results of a machine learning system are not altered by anyone; and how to prevent other users in the same network environment from easily obtaining our private data. Similarly, the security and privacy concerns are present in other contemporary information systems in this situation. The advancement of block chain technology gives us a different approach to addressing these two problems. Because of this, some recent studies have tried to create machine learning systems using block chain technology or to integrate machine learning techniques into block chain systems. Keywords - Machine Learning, AI, Block Chain, Machine-Based System.