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Blockchain Solution for Digital Complaint Redressal System for Municipal Corporation

In these times, there are a lot of issues in the city that need immediate fixing. They are often unattended due to the lack of transparency, lethargy, and corruption in contractor allocation. There is no direct or effective method of communication between the government and the general public in India, therefore people may have to wait up to three months before their issue is resolved, though it could possibly be done sooner. Many issues in the city require immediate attention and response to improve citizens’ quality of life. The situation has evolved in modern times. There are numerous applications available that let consumers file complaints. However, there are several issues with its transparency. This work suggests a blockchain application for Ethereum that will enable users to register complaints and receive updates on such complaints. By utilizing blockchain technology, the application becomes more robust, dependable, transparent, and unchangeable. This leads to a much faster response from the municipal corporation as the fake complaints are filtered out by validators. The model here enables a transparent and immutable registry of issues and fixes made to resolve it, punishes anonymous fake complaints and transparency pressurizes the contractors to make proper and immediate fixes. Keywords - Blockchain, Ethereum, Proof of Stake, Smart Gov- ernance, IPFS, Smart Contract, Web3