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Developing Meal Suggestion System Using Chat GPT for Travel

This research focuses on the important issue of decline of popular cuisine due to homogenization of food culture in modern society. There are several reasons behind this phenomenon, where even different regions serve the same dishes and local cuisines are disappearing. First, the international expansion of chain restaurants threatens dietary diversity, and second, the advancement of the information society is homogenizing food culture globally.The purpose of this research is to propose a new approach to promote the diversity of popular cuisines, and specifically aim to create a system that incorporates local foods and regional cuisine. This system leverages the reasoning power of conversational artificial intelligence (AI) to interact with users and suggest dishes tailored to their individual tastes and requests. Through this, we aim to build an innovative system that respects the individuality of food and maintains the characteristics of each region, while enabling the discovery and experience of new cuisines.The target audience is travelers, not only international visitors, but also visitors to other parts of the same country. The system uses artificial intelligence to infer popular cuisine in the area you visit, understand your preferences, and recommend restaurants that match your preferences. It is hoped that this will open up new possibilities regarding food and allow people around the world to enjoy a richer food culture. Keywords - Local Foods, Regional Cuisine,Dietary Diversity, Recommendation System, Conversational AI