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An Efficient Coded Based QOS Routing Mechanism In Wireless Sensor Networks

Increasing applications in wireless sensor network(WSNs) has becoming the most critical problem In military and the civilian fields. The most essential issue is to secure the data from external threats also to maintain the quality of the service of transmitted data. To ensure security of the transmitted data in the network and to maintain the QoS in energy efficient way. This paper proposes a mechanism for QoS routing with coding and the selective encryption schemes. Also it minimizes the redundancy using the FEC erasure coding techniques and splitting up the original data over the multipaths. Hop-by-hop authentication mechanism is used to prevent the attacks. The simulation results shows that the proposed method provides high packet delivery ratio, maximized throughput, minimized End-To-End Delay and also it demonstrates the effectiveness of the proposed secure QoS routing protocol in security and performance. Keywords- Security, QoS Routing Protocol, FEC Erasure Coding, Throughput.