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Test Case Generation on The Origin of Activity Diagram For Navigational Mobiles

Now a day’s several mobile companies are established and trying to provide better facilities than others. This type of facilities increases the functionality of mobile application along with complexity. As mobile applications have become an important part of human life, if any application is not running in navigational mobile application, it will decrease the popularity of that model. So, the testing phase in SDLC becomes a crucial part of mobile application designing process. This work proposes a model for test case generation for navigation mobile application based on activity diagram and complexity will be calculated by Cyclomatic complexity. Activity diagram is one of the famed UML diagram. The proposed model introduces an algorithm that automatically creates a table called Activity Dependency Table (ADT) and then uses it to create a directed graph called Activity Dependency Graph (ADG). The ADT is constructed in a detailed form that makes the generated ADG cover all the functionalities in the activity diagram. Finally the ADG with the ADT is used to generate the final test cases. The proposed model includes validation of the generated test cases during the generation process to ensure their coverage and efficiency. The generated test cases meet a hybrid coverage criterion in addition to their form which enables using them in system, regression as well as integration testing.