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Protected Admission Control With Secret Verification For Active Groups In The Cloud

We propose an admission control scheme for active groups in the cloud based on the signature verification of each group. Each group has their own signature to access the cloud. The group signatures and security techniques could be utilized to facilitate any anonymous customer to work together with others. We propose a secure multi-owner information discussing plan for groups in the reasoning. The reasoning confirms the credibility of the series without knowing the user’s identity before saving information. Our plan also has the added feature of accessibility management in which only valid customers are able to decrypt the saved information. The plan stops replay attacks and supports creation, modification, and reading information saved in the reasoning. We also address customer cancellation. Moreover, our verification and accessibility management plan is decentralized and robust, unlike other accessibility management techniques designed for atmosphere which are central. The communication, calculations, and storage space are comparable to central approaches. Meanwhile, the storage space expense, security calculations and cost of our plan are independent with the number of suspended customers. In addition, we evaluate the security of our plan with extensive evidence, and demonstrate the performance of our plan in tests. Index terms: Cloud Computing, Data Storing, Data Sharing, Active Groups, Authentication.