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A Multiple Reasoning Strategy For Increasing Conidential And Eficient Inquiry Perturbation

The RASP information perturbation method brings together order protecting security, dimensionality development, unique noise hypodermic injection, and unique projector screen, to provide strong strength to strikes on the perturbed information and concerns. It also maintains multidimensional varies, which allows current listing techniques to be applied to speedup variety question handling. The kNN-R criteria are designed to work with the RASP variety question criteria to process the kNN concerns. We have carefully examined the strikes on information and concerns under a precisely defined risk design and genuine protection presumptions. Comprehensive tests have been performed to demonstrate the advantages of this approach on efficiency and protection. Security analysis shows that our plan is secure in terms of the definitions specified in the suggested protection design. As a proof of concept, we apply a design of our suggested approved copy examine plan and conduct testbed tests using our design. We display that our suggested approved copy examine plan happens upon little expense compared to normal functions. Keywords: RASP Information, Efficiency, Performance, Security