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Privacy-Preserving And Secured Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Over Encrypted Cloud Data Storage

Cloud computing is one of the fast growing technologies in the industry. From personal user to the industry makes use of cloud for data storage and computing. One of the important reasons is that it is economically beneficial for use and other is it can be accessed remotely at any time. An individual and organization stores their data over the cloud it again raises the security issue. In our system, we store the data in the encrypted form so that the security is maintained. Only storing the data is not sufficient, it should be provided a search facility so that it can be accessed whenever necessary. System takes the multi-keyword as the input and generates encrypted query so that again security is provided through network. Only valid user should be able to get the stored data, this leads to privacy concern. Our system maintains the privacy so that only valid user will be able to get the required data. Search is done with the help of index generated for each file. The result includes the ranking of the files according to the relevance. System returns the top-k relevant files to improve the efficiency of the search. Keyword- multi-keyword, cloud, encryption, security, privacy, indexing, ranking