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Requirement Analysis Using Requirement Analysis Engine

Requirement Analysis is the fundamental aspect of software engineering process. Requirements are nothing but end user’s/customer’s demands which must be met within specific time duration. Hence requirement engineering deals with gathering of requirements from the customers/end users to recognize what a software system should consist of, gathering of requirements is done via an interaction between the requirement analysts and the stakeholders. If the need of the stakeholders doesn’t meet then the quality software will not be produced. If an error occurs in Requirement gathering stage, then it will be carried on to the further stages of SDLC, which will deteriorate the whole software product. Requirement gathering faults mostly affect software testing phase. So, it is very important to fix the errors at the right stage. This phase acts as a foundation for developing a software product and the role of the customers is most essential. Many challenges arise during testing process; if faulty requirements are encountered during this stage then they will produce ripple effect on further software testing and in turn software development process. As requirement gathering process plays vital role in the success or failures of any software product, there is need to understand issues present in the requirement document and impact of that issue on overall software product before starting software development process. Also there is need to have corrective actions for each issue present in requirement document. To solution for such problem, author has designed Requirement Analytical Engine (RAEngine) which will help software testing team to get better and correct action from this engine. Keywords: Requirement Gathering Process, Requirement Analytical Engine, Software testing.