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Cloud Based Admission Process System

Cloud computing is one of the popular design paradigms used in order to fulfil the user’s requirement that includes high cost and heavy infrastructure applications. It is gaining popularity as means for saving cost of IT ownership and accelerating time to market due to its ready-to-use and dynamically scalable computing infrastructure as well as the software services it offers on pay-per-use basis. In our proposed system among the many beneficiaries, the University is benefitted since it can keep track of all the students and the colleges registered in the centralized admission process by being its main controller. The college is benefitted by getting a real time update on the scores of the candidates and hence it can set the cut-off accordingly through the click of a single button. The candidate on the contrary is rid of the hassle he/she has to face during the admission process. The candidate can fill up the application form as well as upload all the necessary documents which get validated then and there by our system. Our proposed system serves to benefit the three main crux of the educational system namely: The University, The individual colleges registered in the centralized admission process and The Candidates. Keywords- Cloud Computing, Admission, Digital Signature, QR code, SaaS.