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Design And Implementation Of Node To Node Message Authentication Scheme For Wireless Sensor Network

Message authentication plays an eminent role in obstructing unauthorized and corrupted messages from being forwarded in networks to save the sensor energy. Many authentication schemes have been develop to prevent WSN by providing message authenticity and integrity verification. Many of which are based on either symmetric-key cryptosystems or public-key cryptosystems. Most of them have the restrictions of high computational and communication overhead in addition to lack of scalability and resilience to node compromise attacks. Now-a-days Wireless Sensor Networks are being very popular; however one of the main concerns in WSN is its limited resources. One have to look for the availability of resources to generate Message Authentication Code (MAC) keeping in mind the feasibility of method used for the particular sensor network. We propose an authentication scheme which is based on Elliptic curve cryptography (ECC). This scheme enables intermediate nodes to authenticate messages and allows any node to transmit messages without keeping bound on the number of messages; so the scheme does not suffer threshold problem in addition to provide message source privacy. Analysis as well as simulation results prove that our proposed scheme is more competent than the scheme based on polynomial-based approach as it provides less computational and communication overhead under comparable security levels whereas providing message source privacy. Keywords: Wireless sensor networks (WSNs), symmetric-key cryptosystem, public-key cryptosystem, source privacy, Node to Node authentication, simulation