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Administration Module Of Web Servers In Hmast

In Cuba, as an important part of the migration process to open source software, we have created the Integrated Migration, Advice and Support Services Depart-ment (SIMAYS by its Spanish acronym) from the Open Source Software Center (CESOL) of the University of Computer Sciences. Researches from this depart-ment include the open source software migration of the telematic services. To support this part of the open source software migration applications are being developed, such as the Migration and Telematic Services Administration Tool (HMAST). HMAST provides functionalities for managing GNU/Linux servers through remote connections to them. After connecting to the servers, that the sys-admins want to manage, it is given the possibility to install and set different types of services according to their needs. Within telematic services are the request and response services that make use of the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP). These services are offered by web servers, which are assigned the responsibility to publish content in the form of hypertext, web pages or HTML pages (Hyper-Text Markup Language). The general objective of this research is focused on developing a module for HMAST to manage web servers. During this research a study of the different web servers is performed, concluding that Apache 2 is the ideal webserver to manage the HMAST application. The use of different technologies and the software development methodology used to guide the process are also documented. Indexterms : free technologies, GNU/Linux, strategy, migration, web servers.