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Verifying Delegated Computation Through Input Verifiability

Trend of cost-cutting through outsourcing processes is increasing among enterprises. Cloud computing is being viewed as a great promise. Many business-critical functions are outsourced to cloud, termed as Delegation of Computation. Currently it relies on trust, hence limited to private clouds. But to extend this concept to public cloud it is required that the results of delegated computation can be verified; thus making delegation possible in untrusted environments too. Verifiability of computation has been achieved previously through interactive proof systems, having high communication cost. Methods based on cryptography are of high complexity making them unsuitable for mobile clients. This paper proposes a verifiable delegation protocol based on homomorphic cryptography, a latest technology for Cloud computing. Reduced communication and computation cost make the proposed scheme suitable for light-weight devices. General Terms: Verifiable delegation of computation, interactive proofs, applications of homomorphic encryption