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Steganography In Videos Using Unique Frame Selection Technique

Due to advances in technology and high speed of internet people are becoming more worried about information being hacked by attackers .Most common technique used in video steganography is to store information in the LSB of the cover frames .Along with embedding, many different encryption techniques such as XOR, AES, DES, Hash have been applied to convert original message to secret form. Cover image selection is an important task in video steganography process which can act as one of the important security measure. Embedding along with encryption techniques makes video steganography stronger and reliable. This paper proposes a novel video steganography algorithm based on Divide and Conquer rule using midpoint logic. The proposed system considers all the parameters i.e. robustness, undetectability, and capacity required to design a more reliable and efficient system for hiding important information. Index Terms— Steganography ,AES Encyption,LSB.