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Prospects Of Cloud Computing In E-Government

For the last two decades, e-government has attracted government around the world to itself. Today almost every country in the world has developed and implemented e-government system in some form or another in order to reduce costs, improve services, save time and increase effectiveness and efficiency in a public sector.With increasing generalization of technology access by citizen and organizations, e-governments across the world face a major challenge in keeping a pace with ever changing technologies and offeran efficient, effective and transparent way of offering its services. Cloud computing is becoming an adoptable technology for many countries. The concept of cloud computing becomes important for each e-government, facilitating its way of work, increasing its productivity and all that leading to cost savings. It will likely have a significant impact on the e-governments in the future. In this paper, we analyzed cloud computing and its applications in the context of e-government. Keywords- Cloud Computing, E-Government, Public Sector.