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Trusted And Secure Construction Framework Using Key Generation Service Providers And Refereed Delegation Of Computation Model

Cipher text-Policy Attribute-based Encryption (CP-ABE) is considered as one of the most suitable scheme for data access control in cloud storage. Despite that the existing Outsourced ABE solutions are able to offload some intensive computing tasks to a third party, the verifiability of results returned from the third party has yet to be addressed. Aiming at tackling the challenge above, a new Secure Outsourced ABE system is proposed, which supports both secure outsourced key-issuing and decryption. This new method offloads all access policy and attribute related operations in the key-issuing process or decryption to a Key Generation Service Provider (KGSP) and a Decryption Service Provider (DSP), respectively, leaving only a constant number of simple operations for the attribute authority and eligible users to perform locally. In addition, for the first time, an outsourced ABE construction is proposed which provides checkability of the outsourced computation results in an efficient way. Keywords - Access Control, Attribute-Based Encryption, CP-ABE, Outsourcing Computation, Key Issuing, Checkability.