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Deploying Efficiently Secured And Authorized Hybrid Cloudedupe System For Data Deduplication

To provide storage management along with security and privacy in cloud computing, deduplication has been a well-known technique. We proposed deduplication technique for efficient storage purpose and convergent encryption scheme along with proof of ownership protocol for security and privacy by deploying hybrid cloud approach. Datadeduplication is specialized data compression technique which eliminates redundant data on cloud storage to reduce the amount of storage space and save bandwidth. Convergent encryption has been proposed to enforce data confidentiality while making deduplication feasible. An effective solution provided by hybrid cloud is to split a task, keeping the computation on the private data within an organization’s private cloud while moving the rest to the public commercial cloud. On the basis of our survey and analysis of the deduplication techniques, we provide an overall picture of what is involved in developing a software system for securing authorized access to achieve data deduplication based on PoW of files as well as authentication of users, to store on cloud by deploying hybrid cloud. Keywords- Deduplication, Convergent Encryption, Differential Privileges, Hybrid Cloud.