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Graphical User Interface And Relational Database Accessing Using NLP

Data has been stored in the database and the databases are the major sources of information. Information is playing an important role in day-to-day life. This database technology has the major impact on the growing use of computer and internet. Database management system has been used for accessing, storing and retrieving data. However, database system is not understandable to each and every user because they are hard to use and understand. People with no knowledge of database language may find it difficult to access database. Therefore, there is need to find out the new technique and methods to access the database with the use of Natural Language Processing. Therefore this idea of using natural language instead of SQL triggered the development of a different type of processing method called Natural Language Interface to Database (NLIDB). Where user does not have any need to learn the formal language, they can give query in their native language. For the people who are comfortable with the Hindi language need this application to accept Hindi sentence as a query, process it and after execution provide result to the user in the same language which is nothing but the Hindi Language Interface to Database Management System. Keywords- DBMS, HLIDBMS, NLP, NLIDB, SQL.