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Text Based Image Search Methods A Survey

The invention of cheaper digital cameras, computer systems, Internet and fast growth of digital technology results in digitization of all kinds of materials. The volume of digital images produced by scientific, educational, medical, industrial, and other applications available to users increased dramatically. Visual information plays major role in understanding surroundings. Images are powerful tools in communication. Every day, people upload tremendous amount of images on the web. Mostly image retrieval systems use some method of adding metadata such as keywords / tags, captions or descriptions to the images so that image retrieval can be performed over the annotation words, called Tag/Text based information retrieval. TBIR help users to retrieve images efficiently and effectively. But, since users are not serious about choosing appropriate tags, or assigning tags to the images, create inconsistency, ambiguity in image database which degrades the performance of TBIR system. Now, large scale image search is a big challenge for image search engines like Google, Flickr. Keywords- Image Retrieval Systems, Metadata, TBIR.