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Design And Implementation Of Low Power Smart Motion Detection Using CMOS Sensor

Active-pixel CMOS image sensors have many attractive features, such as low power consumption, integrated on peripheral circuits, and nondestructive column-parallel readouts. Integrated on signal-processing circuits, they provide the advantages of high-speed parallel operation and lower power consumption, features which meet the special requirements of CMOS image sensors. A number of integrated signal processing circuit sensors have been developed and adopted not only for video but also for machine-vision and security applications as well. However, these approaches almost always involve lowering the pixel density and increasing the chip size to accommodate the added functions requiring large circuits. Hence proposed system is designed to detect a motion on the basis of difference between current and previous frame. While finding the difference system will indicate the location or the position of the motions. System will also capable to detect motion in dark by reducing the infrared filtering from CMOS sensor. The system will then give alert to user through light operating or buzzing the sound. In market-driven applications such as surveillance, automotive, and machine vision, there is an increased demand for imaging systems with real-time processing capabilities. In some cases, these specific requirements are quite hard to be fulfilled through a conventional approach, consisting of a standard charge-coupled device or complementary metal–oxide– semiconductor (CMOS) camera linked to a digital signal-processing platform. These systems are typically based on general purpose architectures, performing real-time image processing. Although their high computational power and high flexibility are satisfactory for many applications, there are some low-level images processing tasks that can be efficiently executed using ad-hoc image processing capabilities embedded directly in the imager. Thanks to the great advantages of CMOS sub micrometer technology, allowing even smaller device feature size, some recent CMOS image sensors with integrated signal processing have been developed, following two main approaches: pixel-level and array-level processing. Keywords- signal-processing circuits, Motion Detection, CMOS image sensor, Raspbian Operating system.