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A Review On Technique For Simulation Of Digital Forensic Architecture

Digital Forensics, as a science and part of the forensic sciences, is facing new challenges that may well render established models and practices obsolete. MapReduce distributed data processing architecture has been widely used as a mapreducer and is generally adopted by most cloud provider to built cloud computing framework. A Hosted Desktop is a virtual machine hosted in the cloud. In a hosted desktop, applications and data are hosted on a remote data centre and not in a local user machine as in traditional computers. Hosted desktop owners access their applications and data though ordinary desktops or thin clients. We then describe some of the major technological innovations that have each spawned a distinct category of systems for data analytics. Each unique system category is described along a number of dimensions including data model and query interface, storage layer, execution engine, query optimization, scheduling, resource management, and fault tolerance. We conclude with a summary of present trends in large-scale data analytics. Such a hosted desktop can be used to commit cyber crime in the cloud in the same way as a criminal can use a physical desktop. This framework has the ability to commodity clusters due to its fault tolerance features, scalability, parallelization and the optimization. Cloud services are now sources of potential evidence in a vast range of investigations and network traffic also follows a growing trend and in cyber security the necessity of sifting through vast amount of data quickly is now paramount. In this paper, we propose a new mechanism based on MapReduce framework in open cloud computing environment. Again in our mechanism we have to merge the classification algorithm to improve the cluster performance. Keywords- Hadoop, Mapreduce, Naïve Bayes Algorithm.