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Cloud Computing Techniques Helps To Meet QOS: A Study

Cloud Computing is a computing model which facilitate expedient, on-demand network access to a collective configurable computing resources like networks, servers, applications and services that can be quickly provisioned and released. The resource provision is an imperative aspect of cloud computing model to provide the QoS(quality of service) in cloud computing. It is use as an alternative of SLA (Service Level Agreement). Users must use different techniques/methods like dynamic resource provisioning, scheduling, admission control and traffic control. Resource Provisioning means the wide range of software deployment and run time management of the software resources and hardware resources. Resource provisioning used for ensuring guaranteed performance for applications that are used in cloud computing. Admission control methods are use to test whether or not to admit a set of services to the cloud and scheduling is used to increased the resource utilization without affecting the services provided by the cloud .In this paper we study the scheduling techniques and its types, admission control and resource provisioning techniques to enhance the QoS in cloud computing. Keywords- Cloud Computing, Resource Provisioning, Admission Control, Elasticity, Scheduling, QOS.