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Misbehavior Eviction From Vanets

Vehicular adhoc networks(VANETs) have emerged as an effective technology for providing a wide range of safety applications. VANETs are subset of the MANET applications and were introduced to support and improve safety of the drivers, as a step towards constructing a intelligent, safer and cleaner and environment. A vehicle in VANET acts as an intelligent mobile node capable of communicating with its neighbors and other vehicles in the network. Privacy and Security have become crucial matter of attention in the Vehicular Ad-Hoc Network, which is vulnerable to various attacks. The attackers intentionally tries to disrupt and misuse the network causing damage to system resulting loss in lives and finance. Discouraging such attackers is therefore necessary to ensure proper and smooth working of the network. We are proposing a technique by creating a secure environment by performing a group based isolation/eviction of misbehaving vehicles by neighboring vehicles with a strong ID based authentication. Our eviction method works in a decentralized manner for V2V communications where a permanent revocation of misbehaving vehicle is performed by its neighbours thus not depending on the centralized authority and hence simplifying the revocation process in VANET. Index Terms — VANETs.