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Study And Analysis Of Aodv Protocols Based On Improved Power And Delay Management Technique And Quality Of Service Condition In Mobile Adhoc Network

As there is dynamic change in network topology , constant link failure in the network and restricted energy of nodes , it is difficult to design an efficient dynamic and robust protocol for Mobile Adhoc Networks(MANET). Due to combination of many topology change and heterogeneous type , it is really challenging in MANET to efficiently route data from source to destination without failure. In this paper an overall study about the current challenges in AODV(Adhoc On Demand Routing ) Protocol has been done, which is a leader protocol to efficiently handle the network traffic in such resource constrained environment. A complete survey about such protocols which are based on AODV concept are done so that it will give better understanding and focus on issues to be considered while developing a challenging AODV protocol. Keywords — MANET, AODV, PDR, Throughput, QoS.