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A New Secure Video Transmission Technique Via Secret – Fragment-Visible Mosaic Videos By Nearly Color Transformation Techniques

A new secure Video transmission technique is proposed, In which Frames are collected from the Host and Target video's. Post which, frames are shuffled and color transformed to generate a secret video of the same size. The main goal of video encryption is keeping video secure from unauthorized attackers. The reverse of video encryption is video Decryption, which regenerates the original video. We have many Encryption algorithms with their own advantages and limitations. It is nearly impossible to overcome all the disadvantages but we had made an effort to minimize the limitations with our proposed algorithm. A scheme of handling the overflows/underflows in the converted pixels’ color values by recording the color differences in the untransformed color space is also proposed. The information required for recovering the secret video is embedded into the created mosaic video by a lossless data hiding scheme using a key. Good experimental results showcases feasibility of the proposed method. Index Terms- Color Transformation, Data Hiding, Image Encryption, Mosaic Frames, Secure Video Transmission.