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Intelligent Traffic Signal System Based On An Embedded System Sensor Network

As the traffic condition in urban centres worsens, there is a pressing need for the development of an automated yet cost-effective intelligent traffic signal system. The number of vehicles on the roads is constantly on the rise with the effective road real estate remaining a constant. The current implementation of traffic signals involves fixed countdown timers that leads to starvation, excessive grants, accidents and strangulation of emergency vehicles. This paper proposes a system to control the traffic signal using an ARM-based embedded system that makes use of pressure/proximity sensors to detect the presence of vehicles. The system, upon reading the level of traffic from the sensors, dynamically decides the grant timing for each lane, thereby reducing the average waiting time at the traffic intersections. Also, the system provides a traffic pileup reporting system. Emergency vehicles, through the proposed system can be given very high priority through the internetwork between traffic signals. Keywords—Adaptive Traffic Signal, Sensor Network, Pileup Reporting, Emergency Vehicle.