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Understanding The Problems And Benefits Of Using Cloud Computing In Malaysia Healthcare Sector

Cloud computing as a new technology has been used in several public and private sectors. One of the important sector that is found need to use cloud computing is a healthcare sector, because the existing healthcare systems that use in the healthcare sector face with several problems such as storage problem, high setup cost, and lack of the integration system, while cloud computing can provide many opportunities and benefits for healthcare systems such as reduce cost, increase flexibility, availability and also scalability. In this research, we explored the existing literatures that related to the cloud computing in Malaysia healthcare sector, and then identified which of the literatures help us to reach the research objective (to understand the problems and issues of using cloud computing in Malaysia healthcare sector). The research findings indicate the limitation of body of knowledge in the cloud computing in the Malaysia research area particularly to the healthcare sector and illustrate several problems and benefits that the cloud computing could offer as a good technology for Malaysia healthcare sector in order to solve the existing healthcare systems problems. Keywords— Cloud computing, Definition, Problems, Benefits, Healthcare sector, Malaysia.