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Nonlinear Time-Series Analysis Of Compass-Gait Biped

Many research groups developed bifurcation diagrams, Poincare maps and computed Feigenbaum constants for passive walkers. Very few attempts have been made for performing nonlinear time-series analyses of these complex dynamical systems. Besides, Garcia’s et al.’s the simplest walking model, the compass-gait biped model is the most commonly used passive dynamic walking (PDW) biped robot by the biomechanists, robotics engineers and chaos theorists. We accomplished nonlinear analysis of a time-series generated by the compass-gait biped and aimed to examine its dynamical behavior. The walking gait time-series data presented chaotic dynamics as fractal dimensions and positive Lyapunov exponents were found. Index Terms— Compass-Gait Biped, Deterministic Chaos, Passive Dynamic Walking, Nonlinear Time-Series Analysis.