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Smart Attendance System Based On Image ID

Face identification technology has widely attracted attention due to its enormous application value and market ability, such as face detection and video surveillance security system. Real-time face detection not only is one part of the automatic face identification system but also is developing an independent research subject. This paper introduces a new approach in automatic attendance management systems. We are Introducing system that detect faces and compare with large database in few mins. The System response time is improved and security with data associated with image is preserved for security perspective. Our System is designed for detecting faces of staff and students and marking their attendance and sending a message to respective person who passes through camera’s vision. By using external kit (raspberry pi) and camera the time required for frame to be sent remotely is reduced by processing on kit and whether face is detected data is transferred. This system provide interface to check their attendance through app and website. The tool promises to offer accurate system and a more detailed reporting system which mark attendance of a subject as per as his/her Image Id. Keywords- Face Recognition, caption-based face naming, Image Id.