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ICT Network Assessment Framework For Healthcare Service

A prototype method to assist the evaluation process of an Information and Communication Technology (ICT) network system in health care service to improve QoS is presented. Integrating the planning process, Information Technology (IT) provision and simulation with network modeling, through Optimization Network Engineering Tool (OPNET) platform, data analyses techniques and interactive multi-criteria approaches permitted the design and development of a methodology to evaluate the QoS of ICT and communications resources. Through a case study for Chilean hospitals, the user interface perception and resources for ICT network support are investigated. New guidelines for identifying the highpriority issues of QoS management in a healthcare IT system are provided. The model will assist in obtaining client perception of QoS related to the communications system in a Health Care institution, identifying critical areas for QoS, providing a decision making tool as guidance for analyzing and evaluating a networked system for health related activities, compare different requirements and to enable tradeoffs in accordance with the institution’s requirements. Index Terms- ICT Healthcare, Network, Multicriteria, QOS