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Sheduling The Packet Routing Using Neural Network For Optimizing Quality Of Service Parameters

Computer network packet routing is an major important function in the computer based communication, The quality of service parameters efficiencies are highly depends on the how the packet travel and using which path. The strategically scheduling of routing can play major role in the network performance also essential to choose proper routing while designing the computer network. Artificial neural networks are basically known to as systems of connected "neurons" which are communicating through exchange messages between. The communication having the stastical figure known as weights that can be adjust based on experimental and real knowledge, which makes the neural network a adaptive to inputs and capable of learning. Using Hopfield artificial neural networks one can fast computation and leaning and with low energy in its basic stable formation. They are good contender for the implementation of neural routing algorithm. We are utilizing the Hopfield neural network for neural routing computation of shortest path in the network in this paper. Keywords— Packet Routing, Hopfield Neural Network, Associative memory, Artificial Neural Network.