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Navigation System For Visually Handicapped Person On Street By Ant Colony Optimization

Visually handicapped person has weak-eyesight. Therefore, they use a walking assistance device, walk on street. However, visually handicapped person can’t navigate the safe route on the street which is a constant stream of nonhandicapped persons by existing obstacle detection methods. Because the occlusion problem which is many pedestrians conceals the obstacle occurs, in the case of the above situation, the accuracy of those detection methods decreases. We propose a navigation system which detects the position of the obstacle by the traffic line of many pedestrians and navigates visually handicapped person to safe route in constant stream of non-handicapped persons. The visually handicapped person is recommended the safe route from one of semi-optimum solutions which are found by ant colony optimization (ACO).Proposed method could certainly map each subject’s walking route, and can select the safe route. Keywords— Visually Handicapped Persons, Selection of Safe Route, Pedestrian’s Motion, Ant Colony Optimization.