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Monitoring Age Of Wheat Crop Using Euclidean Distance In K-Means Clustering Algorithm

Whole world facing problem of Rapid growth in population. Because of this, we are facing so many challenges in terms of mass yield problems in agriculture. So now we need to implement new technologies which can help to improve our productivity in efficient way. Countries like India, there are rapid flow of increasing population year by year, so we have to concentrate how to increase production with good quality in limited field [1]. In this paper, we are concentrating on wheat crop as this is most common and essential crop across our India. While focusing on wheat crop, we are come across some challenges to monitor its age with the help of green color content in that leaf image[2]. To achieve mass production in agriculture, right time of cultivation, irrigation, herbicides, insecticides and fungicides will consider the appropriate growth stage of crop. Keywords— Age Monitoring, Image Acquisition, image preprocessing, Feature Extraction, Classification etc.