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Application For Analysis And Prediction Of Crime Data Using Data Mining

Today, time is a concerning factor for sentencing criminals. Many a time a criminal released on bail may yet be a potential threat to the society, even after they have served their sentence. This threat can be reduced if a prediction analysis is done on the concerned person to determine if he is about to do the crime or not. This aspect can be beneficial both for law enforcement and the safety of our country. Data mining is an approach that can handle large voluminous datasets and can be used to predict desired patterns. Our sole users will be the police officers who from time to time shall be able to predict the possibility of the crime a criminal is probable to commence in the nearest future as well as which particular crime he will be committing. In this paper, we look at the use of frequent pattern mining with association rule mining to analyze the various crimes done by a criminal and predict the chance of each crime that can again be performed by that criminal. This analysis may help the law enforcement of the country to take a more accurate decision or may help in safeguarding an area if a criminal released on bail is very much likely to perform crime. We will concentrate on Apriori algorithm with association rule mining technique to achieve the result. Keywords— Apriori algorithm, association rule mining, crime analysis, prediction