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Implementation And Performance Analysis Of Fuzzy Logic Controller Of SISO Tank Process

This paper presents the implementation and performance analysis of fuzzy logic controller (FLC), which is based on Mamdani model, such as Proportional Integral (PI) FLC, Proportional-Derivative (PD) FLC, and PI+D FLC (PI fuzzy plus conventional derivative controller) of three tank system. The performance is analyzed by calculating Settling Time, Peak Overshoot, and Integral Absolute Error (IAE). The comparison of the output response of level between fuzzy logic controllers and conventional controllers are specified. The analysis is done through computer simulation using MATLAB/Simulink toolbox. The Fuzzy logic controllers have been designed, which have nearly zero peak overshoot and less settling time than conventional controllers. Keywords— Fuzzy Logic Controller, Interacting System, Non-interacting System, Mamdani model, IAE, MATLAB/Simulink.