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V-Mote: A Low-Cost Device For Internet of Things

Wireless sensor networks (WSN) is one of the most interesting areas of research and are increasingly used both in conventional application and mainly in situations requiring some of their specific capabilities. A WSN consists of a number of wireless sensor nodes, which form a sensor field and a sink. These nodes having the abilities to sense their surroundings perform limited computation and communicate wirelessly with other nodes forms the WSN. As for as sensor nodes are considered most of the sensor node that are currently available in the market are of huge cost so these nodes are not suitable for low cost projects. In order to overcome this problem a new approach has been suggested. This paper describes the V-mote architecture, highlighting its features and its characteristics as a part of Internet of Things (IoT) using a new platform of Texas Instruments. Thereby we are able to achieve cost reduction and power efficiency. In this approach we have used Contiki Operating System – a light-weight operating system – to be suitable for this particular platform. Index Terms- Wireless sensor network, platform, sensor device, Contiki-OS, Texas Instruments.