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A Framework For One to One Data Transmission in Visible Light Communication Network

Visible light communication (VLC) is becoming an alternative choice for next-generation wireless technology by offering low cost, unregulated bandwidth and ubiquitous infrastructures support. This technology is envisioned to be used in a wide range of applications both indoor as well as outdoor. Visible Light Communication (VLC) uses light emitting diodes (LEDs), for the dual role of illumination and data transmission. A mobile device with a high resolution photodiode sensor can be used as a receiver. With this technology, data including video and audio, internet traffic etc. can be transmitted at high speeds using LED light. Using LEDs is helping to drive this technology in the form of Visible Light Communication (VLC). VLC is one way communication and highly sensitive to external interfering light. In this paper, we propose the framework for receiver selection in VLC system. We propose different ID system to the receiver selection. Index Terms— Area-efficient, Low power, CSLA, Binary to excess one converter, Multiplexer.