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Outdoor-To-Indoor Radio Wave Propagation at 2.4 GHZ Measurement For Wireless Communications

This paper proposes the effective outdoor-to-indoor radio wave propagation model at 2.4 GHz to predict the accurate and efficient received signal strength power based on the COST 231 model. The original COST 231 model consists of outdoor, indoor and building penetration loss only for 900-1800 MHz frequency band. With the passage of time, the demand for higher frequency range and stronger signal strength is rising up. Therefore, in the proposed scheme, the received signal strength is calibrated by considering the building parameters, transmitter’s and receiver’s heights which are not taken into account in the original COST 231 model. Moreover, the receiver inside the measurement room is placed in matrix pattern to get the definite signal strength. The accuracy of the proposed model is validated using the experimental data which are carried out at the outdoor-to-indoor scenario of Computer Engineering and Information Technology Department in Mandalay Technological University. Finally, the received signal strength and path loss values of the experiments, COST 231 model and proposed model are compared and simulated by using the Matlab programming language. Keywords— COST 231 Model, Outdoor-to-Indoor, Path Loss, Received Signal Strength, Wireless Communications.