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Voltage Stability Improvement Using Static VAR Compensator With Fuzzy Logic Controller

Voltage stability is one of the most important issues in power system. Voltage sage, voltage swell and generation of harmonics that may cause system instability. To compensate all these problems in transmission system Static Var Compensator (SVC) is used. The aim of SVC is to maintain the system stability under heavy load condition or light load conditions. Due to simplest structure, easy design and low cost, PI controller is used in SVC as voltage regulator in most industries. But its drawback is that due to highly nonlinearity, or uncertainty it is not able to control. Hence the conventional PI controller is replaced by Fuzzy logic based voltage regulator. Fuzzy logic is new control approach with great potential with real time applications. In this paper the performance of SVC with Fuzzy logic controller has been verified through simulation studies using MATLAB/Simulink on 132/33/11 kV 30 MVA Tagondaing distribution system. The combination of Static Var Compensator with Fuzzy logic controller will be a definite and efficient solution for voltage regulation. Index Terms — Fuzzy Logic Controller, SVC, Reactive Power, Voltage Stability.